DogPatchPress: Commie Antifa Furry, Cult Leader, Doxer, and Partisan Crusader

The following article is of my personal experience and reflects only my perception of the events and referenced individuals in the actions that transpired against, towards, and in light of me and my presence on social media.

In November 2017, I chose to embark on connecting and engaging with like-minded creatives and artists who hold particular interest in a genre of Anthropomorphism. This group is a faction of the Furry Community, and this group stood-out to me as both welcoming and supportive in an environment where a free market of ideas and perspectives were wanted. A great contrast to that of the Progressive track that the majority of the Furry Community has taken for many years.

This group is known as: AltFurry

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 8.54.54 PM.png

I, too, found through AltFurry the Furry Raiders, another group of a similar mindset in politics and social perspectives of inclusion of a variety of ideas without a specific binary track limiting its members to a particular partisan bias, of which I chose to be a part of. I have many connections and friends who had been a part of these groups for a long period of time, and I had the privilege of taking a position amongst them further meeting unique creatives with a passion for open discussion, debate, and of collecting ideas to the inclusion and betterment of each other. These groups were and are still welcoming of the majority of the general and further outliers of the Furry Community that might not approve of Right-Wing political and social viewpoints and, openly, express the desire to find lines of communication between everyone.

I settled in, allowing myself to get familiar with both groups and spend time building myself and transitioning to being a member, and gradually found myself involved in the current discussion. Upon my growing involvement, I discovered that there was an active opposing force against AltFurry and the Furry Raiders. In, almost, poetic parody of a 1940s war-era battle, the AltFurry and Furry Raiders groups were pitted against Communist Antifa Furry leaders that claimed to hold a particular Progressive revolution against both groups. Two that came in my particular interest, one known as Deo and the other DogPatchPress, have labeled both groups as spaces for the exploitation and furtherance of Nazism.

That’s right: AltFurry and the Furry Raiders, the groups I, a Multiracial, Non-Binary/Genderqueer, Pansexual, had taken a part of, were being demonized as Far-Right Extremist Totalitarian Authoritarian Nazi White Nationalist Fascist Oppressors intending to convert the entire Furry Community to the ways of Hitler and genocide against all those who opposed them.

Even as I write this out, I cannot help but smile about the sheer comical resolve these two leaders and their thousands of followers took upon themselves to have concluded such an insane prospect; much of their references and criticism stem from doxing of both groups’ private information, screenshots of private conversations taken from spies (yes, hahaha, spies) set to exploit the group along with members who outright betrayed the group, and of mockery and general humor that, in no way, was made or intended to implicate extremist Far-Right Wing prejudiced and bigoted agenda. While some members of the group hold particular White Pride and Right Wing political ideology, they are not Nazis and have not proclaimed that the Master Race is going to gas minorities away; they simply hold views of both Conservative and Right-Wing ideals as I have encountered from my own experiences.

In all of my experiences and communication with active members and the pool of community-involved group subject-matter and group goals, I have never, ever, encountered this oppressive evil force that these two particular leaders, Deo and DogPatchPress, claimed to be opposing in the name of righteous Progressive glory and partisan passion to end Hitler’s regime before it found itself borne again of the AltFurry and Furry Raiders groups. I joined for trusting that I was free of the oppressive nature of Progressivism, and that my ideas, my identity and perspective on many things, was welcomed in both general communication and debate to the coming of collective agreement and further understanding of one another.

Everything was going well in my progress as a casual member engaging and going about the community at my own pace… until I discovered that DogPatchPress doxed my private email from a screenshot of a private conversation I had with one of the AltFurry group leaders, known often as Len, and had it displayed to his thousands of followers as a front-page image. I attempted to pursue Twitter Support and get this doxed private information down, as I was behind a block and unable to contact DogPatchPress himself to have this dox removed, only to encounter what Twitter has gradually been known for, and that is forgoing support for dox victims. They didn’t see the information leak of my private email to being a dox despite it being a direct TOS violation; a terrifying prospect.

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In retaliation, I released this revelation, and DogPatchPress’s name was smeared through the response of over, in my Tweet’s fullest and peak fruition of sharing, 200 faves and 200 RTs; all people/users that despise doxing having gotten a full impression of DogPatchPress, his ethics, and to just how far he is willing to go through the scapegoating and exploitation of those he labels as ‘Nazis’ in the name of a partisan and political agenda.

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Recently, as of March, two accounts I had created in a consecutive spans of time were mass-false-flagged by DogPatchPress and his followers after DogPatchPress accused me of making threats to him that, in no way, were of any implication of ‘threatening’ him or his life. I made comments in response to DogPatchPress’ actions as he had, once again, been caught doxing.

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I have been off and on Twitter for many years now, far as back as December 2008, and have since only casually used Twitter to engage with friends, debate, and discussion on Twitter’s broken and abusive platform. I don’t use Twitter professionally; it’s, more or less, a showcasing of my thoughts as an after-thought imposed with my greater abilities and capabilities as a Professional Writer. Losing an account, or two, means nothing to me.

However, I have had my fill of DogPatchPress’ actions going unaccounted for by Twitter. It wasn’t long ago when Shane Dawson’s pedophilia accusations were sprawled across Twitter Moments for a full 24 hours falsely labeling him an ‘alleged’ Pedophile for millions upon millions of users to read upon in a stream of misinformation; gathering a damning impression of him that cost him important business opportunities and his own podcast show and sponsorship. Sufficed to say, Twitter isn’t known for a reliable and trustworthy and user-friendly report and support system let alone one based-upon self-awareness and customer/client-first response to injustice, abuse, and radicalism of exploiters and opportunists that regularly, and actively, take advantage of this broken and shattered social platform propped-up only by its millions of users and headline sponsors with celebrity figures.

This article is based upon all my experiences. I was not told, nor asked, to do this. I took the time to express my thoughts clearly, concisely, and with proper citation.

To you, reader, I ask that you be watchful and mindful of DogPatchPress. He’s dangerous, and don’t think he won’t come after you next should you ever cross his path; he is willing to do anything, anything, to further his crusade against anyone he labels as an opponent of his partisan belief system. If you have the time, please report him for his actions before he hurts someone else.