The Whiteness And Blackness Binary

In light of Charlottesville and the uprising of supremacy groups and radicals with messages of identity and empowerment based on racial segregation and solidarity, I have a formula I’d like to dissect.

The many millions of people who live in the realm of American class, social structures, identity, sex, and expression of personas by the filter of cultural and social standards of influences all have an ethnic existence. In the eyes of the Progressive platform, this existence is determined as a valuable commodity assuring a binary perspective on a Circle-like scale of oppression centers and interlinks directly with the many colorized skins of a human being. So strongly has the Progressive platform connected the skin of one’s body to the societal oppression of minorities through profiling, discrimination of projected/assumed discrimination and bigotry that the standards of skin color, of flesh, have been valued for their worth and profiled for its influence on the minds of the people who wear it.

According to Progressives: Not all skin is made equal.

I find it troubling and disheartening to face a society that is being infused with the idea that oppression is responsible for the existence of your physical form in a negative and positive light phased from duality. Prosperity and success, favors and support, love and acceptance are all formed from inherent biases that must be dissected and rerouted in a system given back to people who blame White Cis Straight Male Heteronormative standards for failure, poverty, and behavior in formal and informal environments. I find that the generalizations of a grouping of people based on illogical reasoning that provides no citation outside of a theorized perspective on societal structures and invisible systemic forces is not only problematic but encourages potent fallacies to pollute the realm of Academia and the dominance of our most trivial and superficial of existences.

There is no Whiteness. There is no Blackness. There is no Brownness. There is no Redness. There is no Yellowness.

Culture and behaviors are not tied to skin color as much as skin color is not tied to culture and behaviors by genetics and appearances alone. It’s coincidental correlation of events, isolation, and modernization. Patterns of development raised from different ranges of history and experiences that involved people of evolved color, a multitude of human cultures and breeding, that incurred a result of appropriated diversity from thousands of years of living beings.

There is no property that holds to nor owns any aspect of our physical differences and appearances. The differences we have between one ethnic background to another are so insignificant that it doesn’t determine value in any kind of human by the ethnic background they live and present as. Knowing this, we have to stand a few paces back away from the nonexistent impact and uniqueness of our self-entitlement-serving vanity and pride in the nothingness that is resolving nothing.

To find solutions to any problem, the truth must be present. The truth must be presented. The truth must be found.

A lie is a lie, therefore we must presume that the essentials to an argument must pertain to nothing but the truest version of our knowledge that is detached from personal opinion and feelings in a manner regardless of the consequences or benefits of standing in positioning within our own consciousness. There is no right or wrong in believing yourself to being a unique specimen of an experience that is shared by many who are clothed in a skin that speaks to another as a color different from others in a diverse setting, but hardly one worth putting your entire self, your entire being, into. Knowing this, the next phase of this article shall be decompartmentalizing the effects of a racial binary I’ve witnessed fester in our society.

I’m Multiracial. I identify as such. The dominant traits I have are Native American, Arabic, and German. I don’t perceive my ethnicity as a dominant intrigue that defines my personhood, and I don’t allow the world to define my being nor hold my ancestry accountable on the heads of the modern White Man that have nothing to do with the culture wars for new lands and achievement in this world from many years of struggle, strife, war, blood, and terror from a very long time ago.

I am a light-skinned POC. I have been accused of having White Passing privilege in heated debates and discussions involving people of similar melanin or chocolate tones with the desire of enabling prejudices against an omnipotent Cis White Heteronormative Patriarchal system of light-skinned peoples. Demonizing and tokenizing an ethnicity is commonplace in political and social agenda platform hemispheres.

I am a POC. I am not White. I am not Black. I’m in the middle of a strange ‘binary’ I have seen tied between astoundingly superficial and presumed ‘polarized opposing forces’ that intend on using people like me as a measure of balance and control of the rights and wrongs of human morality and acceptance.

From microaggressions to reparations to penance and proclamations of servitude and demands of extreme vetting of white people to enhance and expand the living conditions of perceived minority communities and minority communities alone, the racial divide extends like a crater between humans with the utmost fear and hatred circulating and enflaming a broad battleground. Why observe this divide so willingly in spite of ourselves living in a past that doesn’t reflect our uncertain future or wants for a unity we have struggled so long to achieve? No one but the radicals supporting want division, but Mainstream Media and general fear-mongering from Political figures and Celebrity icons have swollen the breadth of this divide by astronomical portions creating a heavy tension and burden on our human society.

Supremacy groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa and the KKK/Neo-Nazis all hold opposing positions of visions of the world through the lens of a Master Race as a greater force readied more in symbolism and of rioting in smaller public spaces calling for death, violence, and extremism that is, really, petty squabbling between grown adults. These are the groups you do not want dictating right and wrongs of race and social acceptance when they fully embrace the extremes of the most superficial and inane of things as the very identities that make-up our entire personhoods. Yet, we are bombarded with messages from these groups every single day by advocates and radicals that live in a heightened sense of fear.

In the backing of this established political and social denigration of human morale for the agenda of the few elite groups defining the world as we know it against the will of the people, we find ourselves at the will of Academia that is primarily responsible for this explosion of the extremes in our world setting. Intersectionality of Feminist and Social Construct narratives developed from preconceived theories inspired by Marxist/Communistic and anti-Capitalist standpoints are the establishing origin story of much of the controversy we see today. Our Advanced Institutions of Higher Education decree that America is problematic, and that the masses of people living in this United construct are victims of systematic oppression primarily based on a cycle of Whiteness and Blackness with Blackness being the perpetual slave of a dominant racial will deciding the fate of a group of minorities.

The Circle, as I loosely referenced previously, that exemplifies the impact of oppression places Whiteness as the top, outer pivotal existence of privilege in class, in respect, and support while the lesser layers within this Circle have a rather ‘trickle-down’ battle royale for the scraps Whiteness allows to distribute amongst the raving, starving populous of minorities.

As fantastical and fear-inspiring as this projection of theorized institutional and systemic servitude conspiracy is, the biggest flaw with the concept, as again referenced prior, is that it is entirely theoretical.

The counter-measure that claims to support a populous of victims that have, in a multitude of ways, experienced some form of oppression one way or another by a  kind of identity recognized as someone’s truest sense of self is actually justifying the existence of oppression at the expenses of those who are minorities in the Western and Eastern Worlds through the very same unwritten doctrines of immorality and depravity of human bigotry and discrimination that Academia has diagnosed as the American/White/Westernized way.

To showcase the fullest, distinctive description of the system I have defined as the “Circle,” I offer an example, by metaphorical description, of the actions dictating the role Intersectionality and Feminist conspiracy theory has derived as being the resolving purge of White Cis Heteronormative Fascist Capitalist Patriarchal Systemic Oppression (WCHFCPSO) with the full imagery and description of scale determining current human values:

There is a Circle of human beings that represents the build and girth of a society with thousands of years of ancestry and culture that has established modern day society’s ethnic groups. The first layer is the farthest outside of the following layers intersecting, and that is the Caucasian and Aryan groups of ethnicities described as “Whiteness” fully enveloping all perceived White ethnic existences combined within this Circle. Historically, Whiteness has achieved heights of great achievement and notoriety that has a deep rooted wellness of acceptance and cultural fulfillment of Kingdoms and Nations based on perceived White people from Irish to Jewish to German to Welch to English to French to Italian to Celtic and so much more ethnic categories of Whiteness. Whiteness has observed Classism as a large cog keeping the wheels of society turning in the conditioning of success and poverty to stabilize the strong from the weak.

The next inner layer of the Circle prescribed is a broad leap of light-skinned ethnic groups stemming from Asian to Indian to Native American and Arabic and Latino roots that have universally aligned very similar ‘constructs’ but of cultural reform and distinctive religious and classism identities that slightly differ from Whiteness but benefit from Whiteness nonetheless. Light-skinned ethnic groups are considered privileged groups that do contribute, in some ways, to Whiteness by supposed coexistence standards stemming even in today’s modern world; some of these are even considered as microaggressions. Mixed people range in this circle as one of the most commonplace example of the Whiteness being expressed through biological form and are rooted firmly in this field as prime examples of light-skinned privilege and success.

The final layer found at the center of this Circle past the light-skinned ethnic groups are the darkest melanin tones that predominantly range in Hispanic and Afro-centric communities, but as the Hispanic race can only be so ‘dark’ you will find Afro-centric communities deadlocked in the center of the circle. These groups have founded successes that were great, but never achieved, according to the Circle, the same achievement, respect, and standards of living in cultural and social forms as all the outer layers have. Slavery, war, disaster, and Colonialism have robbed these ethnic groups of their rights to equality as an existing people in this world; they live with a debt written in their DNA from centuries upon centuries of oppression compounding in ways that can never be repaid (a vacuum of never-ending wants and needs from desires of expected payment).

The Circle dictates that rather than allowing this system to continue its oppression of the millions of victims tied down by historical prejudices and victimization and bigotry, the process by which the Circle has stifled and suffocated the inner ethnic groups, considered now a mere ‘minority’ by Western statuses, must now find repayment of this debt and allow the power that binds Whiteness as the dominant outer layer to be absorbed into the inner layers of this Circle at the sole expense of the Whiteness system that is, too, perpetuated by the light-skin ethnic groups.

Depending on the context, subject, and versatility of the oppression status being obstructed and denied of the privilege of oppressing of the innermost minorities further, the Circle can be fluid by terms of convenience allowing ‘exceptions’ on a case-by-case basis for the light-skin ethnic groups. However, always, ALWAYS, will the Whiteness and Blackness layers be the extremes of the range of oppression founded upon all existing lives and experiences. Effectively, this is what is supposed to be the unity, the Utopian enterprise, that would bring us to a true and profound sense of human enlightenment and balance by giving the needy what they deserve most to preserve the future of mankind.

In reality, the Circle, this system of tolerance, love, and acceptance for the basis of forgiveness and payment of debt owed, is just a mirrored version of the sins that are blamed upon this ‘Whiteness’ so commonly referenced as the source of all intolerance. The Circle is, in fact, a kind of ‘reversed’ prison cell made up of our skin. An echo chamber… A sort of voluntary escapism into solitude, an endless void of victimizing and self-repression, and confinement that diminishes the voices of the very ethnic groups supposedly in benefit of this refined system of coexistences. With the lures of promises of redemption, financial security, and of finally being recognized as deservedly expected by validation of entitlements projected as the right of superior beings that the Circle defines as the ultimate oppressed of the oppressed, the lure is chanced, a rather large bet, by the very Whiteness being supposedly held accountable through the actions of guilting, browbeating, screaming, and advocating this conspiracy theory by the sheer will and temperament of Academia, Political/Social/Celebrity Figures/Icons, and Social Justice agendas that have been hailed and paraded as being successful in defeating the oppressors of the omnipotent system of Whiteness… A winning blow that has apparently succeeded, already, in taking back what is the minorities’ rights to humanity cited from only the testimony of a few voices as proofs of the ‘fruits of labor.’

You couldn’t be more fooled, more delusional, than outright believing that this ridiculous petty and ignorant self-serving system of lies, misinformation, and theoretical politicized social agenda has had any true effect on the people being blamed for their Whiteness despite their hands being cleansed of having not even a stain of blood on their palms from any forms of designated oppression agendas prescribed by the Circle. Rather than, somehow, freeing the minorities of the past, the minorities and diverse ethnic groups of existences all around the world are being used, exploited, and tokenized to promote a separate agenda of simply measured will and alternative agenda seeking control of everyone at once. Furthermore, the narratives promoted from this Circle have only worsened, deafened, and blinded the people of Whiteness to the existence of people be it skin or of a culture that spout off this metaphorical cycle of oppression narratives that doesn’t exist being it is uncitable, unprovable, and is only projected by only word-of-mouth descriptors.

To take you through what this Circle has actually accomplished, it has turned the few against the fewer. The majority against themselves and of diverse perspectives and opinions. Established the platform of war as a viable option to settling the differences we have. Finger pointing and anger and hatred and outrage and demonization of every voice that has a plight, an opinion, or perspective on any subject or reasoning rendering the Circle’s agenda as a pointless attack on the rights of identity and personhood as the sole indicator of human value.

We have come to a point where there are spaces that were open to all are now offered only to the minorities within the minorities. In this lil room full of people, the screams of woe and realization settle in a cage made up of their own bodies that have closed them off from being seen by the world… The efforts of this Circle are fruitless and an embarrassment to the long, uphill battle humans have fought in hopes of a brighter, better world of unity and inclusion.

How in anyone’s right mind can you possibly believe that the society we live in and witness, as of right now, has been improved by the voices of opportunists that see humans as a means to an end? Are we living in a better world because of the Circle? Has the binary of racial inequality been sustained by the voices of the few that were once unspoken by having them read off a script that is supposed to tell them and express how they experience life, human relations, and history? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of letting a voice speak for itself having them read off of someone else’s virtue-signaling in agenda-driven policy as a testimony to the evolution of human rights and sustainability of our future?

In conclusion: I don’t take race as my identity in of itself. It is my body. It is not my being. I am not ruled by the notions of privileged, loud-mouthed radical advocates that want to dictate how society should filter how it perceives itself and the history of humanity that brought us to this point by the justifications of racism, bigotry, and prejudices that were theorized to be supposedly wielded only by one fell foe… Those who endorse this dysfunctional dystopian coexistence are in great need of a mirror to reflect by which they see in others has founded a home in themselves.