Dear SJWs

Dear SJWs,

I am a man, and here’s where I stand:

I don’t need you.

I didn’t need you before.

I don’t need you now.

I don’t need you to tell me how to be a man.

I don’t need you to tell me how to behave as a man. I don’t need it.

I don’t need to do as you say. I don’t need your input… your advice. No thank you. I’m okay thanks.

I am not a rapist. I have a penis. One is not like the other. They are not the same.

I don’t oppress women. I don’t. I don’t need you to tell me I do. I don’t. I don’t care about what you have to say.

I am not a part of a conspiracy terrorizing and putting women down to shame women. I’m not. I don’t profit for being a man.

I don’t need to be read on consent. I don’t. I didn’t ask. You just assumed.

I’m not a white man. It wouldn’t matter if I was. Everyone is a person.

No: I don’t see women as weak or meek. No. I don’t see women as lesser than me; I never have. Don’t tell me I do. I don’t.

I am not gay, and I am not straight. I don’t need to act ‘gay or straight.’ I don’t. I’m male; I’m me.

I don’t need to be told to close my legs. I don’t. I have testicles, and my bone structure naturally keeps my legs apart.

I am not mansplaining for interrupting. I am not. I interject sometimes when I feel it right male or female.

I don’t assume someone’s gender. I don’t. There are two binary sexes that dictates biology and breeding.

I don’t need you to tell me how to treat a woman. I don’t. You’re not an authority I submit to. You’re not.

I only enjoy a character in fiction if I like them. That’s all. Male or female doesn’t define the value of a person; neither does race.

No: I’m not scared of change. Not at all. I don’t look down anyone for being different from me.

No: You have no right to assume what I think or feel because I’m a man. You don’t. Your opinions don’t matter to me.

No: I don’t support Trump because I am a man. I don’t support Hillary because I’m a man. I’m just me with a political opinion.

I won’t pay for feminine products or services just because you feel I owe you. I won’t.

Yes: I can say no and decline your demands. That’s not a question: It’s a given. You cannot decide what I can or cannot do.

I don’t have ‘male’ friends. I don’t have ‘female’ friends. I don’t befriend people to have sex with them. I don’t want sex at all times.

I don’t need to find my feminine side. I don’t need to cry. I don’t need to express myself the way you want me to.

Yes: Men are victims of domestic abuse. Male rape isn’t funny. Victims aren’t funny.

No: You cannot be violent towards me for thinking differently. Yes: I can challenge your thoughts.

I don’t believe a man, and I don’t believe a woman for simply being one gender or the other. Innocent until proven guilty.

No: I don’t look down on someone else for being black or for being white or for any ethnicity at all. I don’t care about melanin tones.

I don’t owe anyone anything for being a man, and you are not entitled to me. You’re not.

No: Male genital mutilation is not funny. Neither is female genital mutilation.

I believe that everyone is an individual who’s words and actions define their own persona irregardless of their identity.

No: I don’t have to be a Feminist. I don’t have to be MGTOW. I don’t have to be an Egalitarian. I don’t need labels to define me.

No: Being a woman doesn’t make you right. Being male doesn’t make me wrong. No, it doesn’t.

No: I am not a danger to society. I don’t hate women simply because it’s convenient to your narrative.

I don’t tell women what to do, and I don’t tell men what to do because I think I’m a leader for being a man. I don’t.

I am a man. I am the best that I can be, and I contribute to society. I stand for freedom, support good people, and I support this world.

There is no one on this Earth that has the right to tell me I am worthless, a danger, and spawn of a nonexistent Patriarchy. No one.