Weakness: The False Femme Fatale Warrior Narrative

The course of the many decades and centuries of history of fiction are filled to the brim with heroes, heroines, and fantastical adventures.

Neither the hero, nor the heroine, are conjointly represented by terms of gender, of sex, or of oppression… but of status, intent, and a compelling story.

It’s impossible to suggest, even on broad and generalized terms, that a woman has no place in entertainment media in the sci-fi and fantasy and romance and drama and horror and action and fiction and nonfiction genres; in all ways, she contributes equally as the male component does. Denial is a weak form of deflection suggesting the existence of factors presented by a debater or person of interest is false based merely on personal determinants and merit outside of the realm of relevancy on any given subject; we have opportunists who purport their own versions of everything in every context imaginable.

We’ve arrived in an era where, suddenly, the female component in the realm of entertainment genre is nonexistent… according to a group of female fatales that have a lot of time on their hands. Suddenly, decades upon decades of representation of the female hero have all but vanished from representation of a human identity. Representation of female is now undervalued and underrepresented and now is the utmost necessary priority for Social Justice, and women must be showcased as they are in the many complicated and endless forms of existences and experiences they uphold all because the male component in this platform has, allegedly, denied an entire gender with billions of voices echoing their woes in solitude as a single raging force of rebellion and uprising access to a neutral platform.

What a fantastical narrative of false dogma, combustable illogic, and self-entitlement in a vision rooted in ignorance, deafness, and disinterest this is.

As many as I have male characters of entertainment genre that I admire and look up to, I have just as many female. Why? There are so many different stories, so many different heroes, and so many different people with their own lives, tales, and measure of tangible expression and perspectives to showcase in a world of nonexistent/existent reality. I have so many, many interests tied to what a good story can offer. I have never had qualms with whether or not a he or a she is leading or telling or participating in the story.

Taking this into consideration, as my first initial reaction: I observe the recent news about Doctor Who’s 13th Doctor’s gender being female on behalf of a long line of male characters playing the role of the Doctors’ many regenerations, and I have absolutely no issue with a female taking role as the Doctor. The Doctor is an alien, with two hearts, and isn’t a human being in the first place; anything could happen with that creature’s biological dysphoria. Even if the Doctor was a human, so what? The role is not designated for a man. It’s designated for the representing actor, or actress, to pontificate an extremely bizarre and extremely unusual persona to take you on a grand adventure across the universe through time and space.

My second initial reaction to this news: Oh my god, they’re employing tokenism by using a female to enact that good ol’ ‘gender gap’ conspiracy theory that is overwhelmingly disproved by existing fiction and representation in all fields existing in the human spectrum of reality and every fake one we create for our own entertainment.

There is no crisis here. There is no lack of female representation. None. The female presence and prowess is a universally welcomed and expected character role.

It is also equally measured cognitive reasoning to understand personal taste and choice. Fiction is entirely at one’s own pleasure regardless of who or what is involved in any form of media. To suggest that anyone change their personal taste for the preferences of another defeats the purpose of choice; it suggests that there is a way to enjoy a form of entertainment the ‘right way’ whereas in your own state of mind are failing to be entertained in the rightful, expected way.

There is no ‘right’ way to be entertained.

I cannot tell you the value of having a great character to observe in fiction and being transfixed by the story they carry is such an impactful and very entertaining and very necessary experience; it’s an entirely subjective perspective to carry as well. One’s version of entertainment remains as diverse as the stories that exist in the world created by many a unique and open perspective entirely separate and maintaining on its own accord. To nullify a perspective in order to shut one’s self from the reality we all participate in, and to further deny the value of having individuality and common interests ‘shared’ rather than ‘had’ and differences ‘had’ rather than ‘respected’ is a pointless and anti-human agenda.

This is why I can’t stand the SJW/Progressive platform. It’s a regression of ideas siphoned and channeled through opportunists with personal agenda leading the charade of political and social idealism and broken academia at the expense of everyone around them. The platform is completely out-of-touch with reality and is worsening the ties between all existing people for the sake of conformity.

The fall-out from the Doctor Who news only exemplified the tunnel vision experienced by those who respond to and observe the Progressive platform’s narrative and platform advocacy.

A trumpet of orgasmic satisfaction roared into the hivemind of social media as a response to the very same Doctor Who news mentioned previously. As a whole, only a few were disturbed by the gender flip for the reasons of misogyny or lack of interest in a female persona portrayed by the Doctor Who character, but the true, justified outrage that was seen throughout the media in contrast to the glee was the concern of a Progressive narrative being the deciding factor bringing about the new female lead. I can’t blame the masses of Whovians (or interested bystanders), male and female, who voiced their reasonable concerns; the pattern of media being used as an outlet for Progressive virtue-signaling is an apparent, toxic normalcy that can no longer be denied.

The controversy is nauseating. Every fictional female lead, every HERO in the realm of fiction, and their stories are entirely invalidated, completely ignored and underrepresented and forgotten, by a group of radical, two-faced individuals who are entirely unaware of historical and real figures of valor and success. For a few: Wonder Woman, Mad Max: Fury Road, Dr. Who, and Super Woman are the first and only trendsetters breaking norms and challenging ideas represented by society. Can you believe the audacity these posers with limited and narrow-minded perspective on their own gender, the representation and privilege of that representation, that they uphold entirely trivializing the efforts of hundreds of female leads and heroes with their own stories and impact on society of long past?

Who could forget Terminator’s Sarah Connor? Alien’s Ellen Ripley? Metroid’s Samus Aran? Tomb Raider’s Laura Croft? Xena: Warrior Princess’s Xena?

From anime to video games to film to TV to books and to all forms of entertainment media presenting a challenging and intriguing story that compels the consumer to take part of an interesting journey with a fantastical or inspiring character: The trail of female heroes can be seen from all ends of the spectrum of representation.

Inclusivity. Diversity. Representation. At the expense of one group’s assailing virtues demanding recognition and dominance in all forms of media and industry-level advocacy on all frontiers, we have an exhausted populous that is tired of being used and discriminated against by radicals who deem the masses merely another number and obstacle standing against their own platform.

To be profiled and assumed a bigot for a number of unfounded reasons for the sake of exploitation and the pursuance of said agendas mentioned beforehand is an unforgivable and indefensible stance.

Men are accused, generally, for offering any form of criticism in the direction of the Progressive platform of being sexist, to being heterosexual and homophobic, to being transphobic, xenophobic, irrational, close-minded, and fearful of any and all change that is considered reputable ‘progress.’ Women are, in the very same light, ostracized and equally accused of the same transgressions for ever daring to criticize a platform that claims to champion an entire gender on behalf of the female. Let’s get straight to the point concluding from the outcry of fallacy facilitating all this nonsense: A woman is a welcoming personhood in our entertainment both unquestionably and respectively across all channels of representation.

There is no door closed to an entire gender that already has such a powerful and influential place in all forms of media and entertainment; we would be nothing without the presence of a female standing neck-and-neck with a man.

A woman is not weakness. A woman is not inferiority. A woman is not lesser. A woman is not subservient nor underrepresented nor underappreciated nor forgotten nor unwanted.

The woman is here. The woman is already and a part of all thing that represent humanity and its many layers of existences. We, as a world, decry those whoever decide that any human being simply existing for existing for the mere being of self should no longer exist just because they decided they should not for whatever purpose deemed viable resonating with their own personal insecurities and bias. We will continue to put all those down who dare to speak out and ridicule existing personas for all reasons relative to bigotry and bias. There is no conspiracy here… No prejudice.

It takes a weak mind, a weak heart, and a foolish human indeed to suggest that a woman is an unwelcomed presence in this world… Especially when it is a she that decides to speak on behalf of all who are female without their own consent nor of their own voices speaking and channeling their own representation equally through that single voice. These same people simultaneously believe that they are doing all people of all identities and origins a favor by muting the voices of many for the virtues and morality of a few based on illogical reasoning and outright lies!

Just think: These people are out there, in the world, and actively advocate for the female person to exist only only the vacuum they define right to shroud her image and redefine the entire experience of womanhood for the sake of political and social reform and advocacy at the expense of any voice that isn’t a part of the mold of Progressive virtues. The same can be said for any religious or cult or belief-like system without question, and I do not deny any other faction or grouping of like-minded peoples from incorporating the same said methods of forced isolation and discrimination against millions of innocent people. However: The Progressive platform is, predominately, an active problem for modern day and future human societies.

Do not undermine yourself with a false belief system that enables only the wills and whims of leaders of long upheld establishments that see you as nothing more than another pawn for the benefit of a greater scheme. Exploit them in return! Question everything and everyone who advocates under their idealism and limitless close-mindedness. Never allow your personhood to be of servitude to a cause that sees you as nothing more than a tool.

Be a man, and be a woman without question.