MSM: The End Of The Information War

I sit here writing going over the transition American politics has witnessed for over the past 9 years in my mind; memories full of debate, discussion, and reactionary culture pervade the landscape of my psyche.

The potential of a Democratic Administration was a beacon of hope, but in my experiences it appeared to have been a signal of the times during the 2008 election year; in that time of hyperbole and controversy, the Democrats were pulling hard for a win. So hard were the Democrats pulling for a win in fact, being that the Republican party had seen a disheveled, lazy full final term of the Bush Administration and were entirely out-of-touch with the American populous at this moment in our American history, that a Democratic revised restructuring and method of appeal process had slowly but efficiently and proactively configured the American people to swing Left this election. It was a sure thing that needed to be indulged or the Left and the Right platforms would soon see a devastating collapse in trust; this too was essentially brought on by the fact that our economy was in dire straits since 2006 seeing a great recession looming on the horizon. The Democratic party needed a champion of their political side, a man/woman of integrity, polish, and a stellar success story, to finish their image of appeal to a Republican-weary majority; the Democratic party wisely selected Senator Barrack Obama the likable, well-spoken gentle-hearted black man of Harvard education walking from a history of community organizer and minority outreach for the Electoral win.

Two terms, undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, a few wars in the Middle East, unjustified death of men, women, and children in response to said wars, glaring scandals, the rise of the Social Justice Warrior, Gay Marriage, LGBT+ community growth and propaganda swelling in political and social atmospheres, Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) and its failing introductory website, the decline of the USA’s International image, a clunky economy, trillions of dollars in debt, goofy Presidential grins as answers with many a golf game after, many broken promises over the few kept, the championing of Hillary Clinton, political division between the Left and the Right growing, Mainstream Media growing divided on core issues resulting in extended bias, the Obama Birther conspiracy, the rise of social distrust in society’s perspective of the media and the President and political values due to lack of transparency, regrets of honoring the first black President with the Nobel Peace Prize, terror attacks, silence of the Veteran plight, rise in unemployment and decline in jobs, confusion, false Hope, change for the worst, fear mongering, and 8 years later… We, The American People, found ourselves in 2016.

At this point in time, the election process began. Potential candidates were discussed and debated, and powerful names loomed over the future of this country. The Democrats had their eyes on Hillary Clinton as she rose to claim a position of candidacy… The Republicans had their eyes on Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz along with Jeb Bush for the sake of competing monarchy against monarchy for Presidential family ties. In came two candidates that really drew-in the attention of the world: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders offered a campaign of genuine, approachable ideals on a Democratic level that those from the other side of the aisle could look at and appreciate at least on a level of Presidential fortitude despite Socialism being his entertaining standard of American values; breaking the big banks and anoint the masses with free college. Donald Trump offered a campaign of robust openness that generated a fervor of entities and symbiotic grass roots armies in droves by reaching down into the gentile blue collar world and raised a trophy of hard work and Government reservations as his high standard of appreciative American values.

Bernie was stellar, and his popularity was so engrossing that it outmatched Hillary’s droning about alternatives to securing advanced educational efforts against Bernie’s proclamations and of touting her long history in government. In the end, Bernie bowed out of the race for Hillary Clinton, as Hillary’s email scandal implicated and worsened Democratic woes and trust issues, by standing up for her with a simply charismatic: “… the American people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn emails!”

Meanwhile, Trump had taken full storm of playing hardball with his fellow Republican candidates while personifying himself as an Independent running for office that may have even run as an Independent should the Republican party reject him and his campaign. From slander to accusations and name-calling in petty and admirable displays of masculine blow-by-blow play-throughs, Trump facilitated an image of the bully/hero who bullies/crushes bullies… And was met with thundering applause; he introduced his values and an image of humility and grace towards the people when it was appropriate to absorb the criticism met with his consistent behaviors.

By this time, Build The Wall, Make America Great Again, I’m With Her, Feel The Bern, and complaints of the worst year ‘ever’ being the 2016 election cycle pervaded the American landscape and shook the world to its core.

When the Democratic party betrayed Bernie, uplifted Hillary Clinton, and threw hundreds of millions of dollars into the fray with endorsements from Mainstream Media and celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé with consistent supportive imagery by SNL (Saturday Night Live) and more… It appeared as if Hillary Clinton was taking the Progressive and Barrack Obama “Hope And Change” world by storm.

In contrast to Hillary’s astounding success, disgruntled Bernie Bros, disgusted Republican voters shuddering at the thought of Hillary Clinton as President, and an on-going email scandal combined with consistent and never-ending news coverage featuring Donald Trump and his seemingly unchallenged and mesmerizing energy and wit all blew sky high where all the voters could see him in his full, orange glitzy bling-bling glory… Trump was the star of the Election, and the voters watching his rise to top of the Republican heap remained attentive and watchful for what it seemed to be the first time in the political hivemind.

To compete with the madness that none of the Hillary voters seemed to notice as Trump campaigned, in-person and on-foot, all over the country, Hillary embraced the Progressive/Liberal world in any means possible and uprooted the old and new Democratic values wearing them as a tapestry of woven cloth set about her form posing as if she were Lady Liberty herself. Hillary stood as the potential candidate for First Female President, and the Mainstream Media took full advantage of the possibilities at large.

The two opposing political bulls were locked head-to-head as Wikileaks, James Comey, the FBI, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and alternative media alike exploded with floods of data and leaks and conspiracy and misinformation creating a befuddling mesh of disorganized overload; the American people were entirely blindsided to each other with extreme, reactionary culture taking everyone by the throat and squeezing till guilt, shame, and uncertainty filled every pore and facet of grouped by mass mental sanity streamlined all consciousness to one point: The Final Vote

It was going to fall down to three major debates. It was decided that Hillary and Trump would indeed face one another at last as, finally, all considered Republican candidates faded away into disillusionment and half-hearted failed early 2000s’ Conservative pride and establishment that was once the considered fuel for the party vote… All falling into Trump’s open palms that had appeared much bigger than allegedly described.

Hillary and Trump both experienced personal eye-raising scandals that further worsened ties between the opposing political spheres: Hillary’s “Irredeemable Deplorables” tacked with her ongoing email investigation further reemphasized by Wikileaks, and Trump’s leaked tapes where he describes personal sexual encounters in his lurid past many had speculated either as admission of molestation or his tacky sex life that no one was all that well-inspired to hear or proud of acknowledging existed.

After the controversial confrontations of the three debates where the extreme viewpoints of opposing voter masses saw what they wanted, applauded when impressed, and booed when in strong disagreement befell American viewers… The day of the vote came, and the Electoral process was ignited in flames. The last second fell, and all the votes were in… The online community was first to learn the results before Mainstream Media had at last taken the courage to utter these (somewhat) horrific/inspiring words, “We can confirm now that Trump won the Election. Congratulations Mr. President… President Donald J. Trump.”

… The following months after, the demands of the Electoral Vote be changed, Rosie O’Donnell, Democratic leaders, and the masses of disgruntled Democratic voters who proclaimed that the Popular Vote was the telling, right American-driven statistic both entitled and deserving to transform American politics in order to establish Hillary Clinton as the true champion of the electoral process piled into a pit of remorse and regret before the Mainstream Media’s cameras; Hillary Clinton’s massive, multi-billion loss was, in the minds of dedicated Hillary voters, the exception that should be considered as the morally correct redeeming leadership role helming the American story.

During this time, Mainstream Media sources that had filled our Televisions for so long experienced an unexpected, mind-blowing panic attack and realization: The sitting President Of The United States Of America distrusted and relinquished personal support of Mainstream Media sources.

President Donald Trump had more faith in the Internet, in Alternative News Sources, and Pepe The Frog than CNN (for some voters Left and Right the “Clinton News Network”), MSNBC (The Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe Show), and even some essential parts of Fox News while being selective about certain programming. Traditional News platforming suddenly faced an uncertain future; much of this speculation and channeling of fears aimed at Sean Spicer during times of televised Presidential Press Conferences.

It was at this time that Donald Trump revealed his most deadly and efficient weaponry siphoned into one open source: Twitter

The perpetual and established example of the Trumpeting #Winning authority stemming from the Trump White House is President Trump’s immaculate tenacity for driven psychological warfare. President Trump risks it all, ruffles his proud feathers, and turns heads every time he acts as an Authoritative user on the Internet supporting his fanbase of millions upon millions of voters and reaching out with and lifting high his long-held standardized mantra of Make America Great Again. A recent example even being a short clip of an edited video featuring Donald Trump in a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) setting where an isolated image featuring CNN’s logo was matched and placed in animated form on the face of a wrestler following the heavy, bodily impact of Trump tackling down an apparent physical embodiment of CNN.

Every single day, hordes of users who bash and abhor Trump and his success story scream and bellow accusations, threats, and mockery in hopes of somehow putting a dent or scratch on his well-exposed, well-regarded image; much of all this to their own detriment and establishment of a radicalized image of the Left side of politics.

Mainstream Media doesn’t understand, cannot hope to comprehend nor fathom, the resolve and continuing #Winning of Donald J. Trump. It’s thanks to traditional media that this format has been President Trump’s promise, since the very BEGINNING of his campaigning, to victory… And victory he unquestionably founded himself. Furthermore: It doesn’t help that Mainstream Media appears to remain at least two steps or more behind Trump in every way and continues to find itself faced with its own problems and the impending cannibalization of industry entities for the sake of surviving the epic News industry meltdown.

The above testimony to American history revolving around the thematic downfall of traditional media standards is centralized to one current phenomenon: Traditional, platformed media is coming to an end.

Why do you ask? Or have you ever considered as to why? Such powerful media entities falling to their knees scrambling in desperation to remain as authoritative figures in a growing historical saga somehow fell prey to failure, scandal, and International shame?

In the end, it’s very, very simple a reason as to why sudden distrust and outrage from the public that has incited a huge and historical turnaround of reliance upon traditional sources: Our resources of raw, non-partisan information have been neutralized for the past, at least, 16 years.

The Elite class of Media Moguls disassociated themselves from the American populous presuming that the suckling of readied viewers remaining vigilant and loyal to the teat of the American Press enabled toxicity that pervaded throughout the structure of the News industry. Arrogance, entitlement, and sheer, unchallenged power quaked in American veins for too long before these almighty keyboard warriors grew fat, lazy, and unappreciative of the authority they were freely given as well as the trust that was willed by the American people alone; all coming back to haunt them in this most critical and crucial moment of American history.

From what you have reviewed, dear reader, I ask you to consider this: If the Mainstream Media failed to report on our long-abided electoral process, took any chance to instill bias to achieve personal agenda at the expense of the choices and opinions of the masses, who do YOU trust these days? Where do you gather your information.

As for my thoughts? I say: Challenge EVERYTHING; leave no stone un-turned and attain all relevant pieces of information and data that may have essential impact on everyday News. Hold the media and our representatives accountable.

It’s up to us to set the new standard of quality reassurance.