Social Justice: The Online Debutante Debacle

The following is a dramatized vision of my experiences and witness to modern-day societal shifts and debate. My lament to today’s everyday struggles.

Since 2015, I have been witness to a transformation of the online community. Through several accounts, thousands of people, engaging in countless debates over constant opposing views on a number of extensive subjects, I have been witness to a rebellion of two divides. Of gender, of race, of sexuality, of identity, of belief, of spirituality, of validation I have seen the growth of a legacy that is twofold, two-spirited, and completely opposing to the other; neither side seeing the same vision of ‘us’ as the other.

From my perspective, born from the remnants of this chaos and constriction to a singular, finite point came one thing: The Scorn Of The Womyn

Now, I am not suggesting that women are actually what I am suggesting to be found in the negative result of this discourse many of us have paid witness to, but it is to say that the result stemming around the word ‘Womyn’ and its projected image and ideological existence reflecting a grouping of politics, systems, identities, beliefs, appropriation of values, determining facts based on convenience, illogical propagandizing, political discourse, sexism, prejudice, bigotry, opportunism, extremism, radicalism, manipulation, tokenization, denial and usage of unaccounted for societal privilege, and intellectual dishonesty on the basis of personal agenda that I am presenting as my case; an organism of universally unaccepted or unknown or undetermined things.

In my mind: A Womyn is something of an idol. A representing persona that anyone can adapt. You take on the role of a heroine in public display who is above all else female, gender-neutral and genderless, hermaphrodite and featureless mannequin, unapologetic, and virtually omnipotent; fearless to no fault. Ze is a being that takes no prisoners, assumes the role of arbiter, takes on the message of equality based on the decided virtues accepted by obstacles ze faces, is both judge and jury, life and death, endlessly forgiving and endlessly unforgiving, completely unabashed by all who say no, holds to no accountability, and points every finger to every face that is not standing behind zer shadow in awe.

The driven goals set by the agendas wrought deep within this down-to-earth, misunderstood Goddyss are for the betterment of all! Anyone ze sees has a problem or two… or three. No, you’re not evil, wrong, or worthless for being discardable and unforgivable. No. No you just you need some restraint, and a new sense of self and well-being!

Ze can give that to you, make you somewhat redeemed in the eyes of the world ze has created for you, if you simply choose to submit yourself to zer ways. You have a lot of work to do, and will always have a lot of work to do, but you’re an important asset nonetheless; ze needs you. Ze needs you and more like you because ze is defenseless without you for there are others like you that need your help, so ze may command them with zer lack of power and respect. Zer nothingness is what strengthens zer by taking in your authority through compassion, shame, constant berating, manipulation, browbeating, and most importantly: Love

I stop here with the hopes that you will see the image I have prescribed in its full analogical presentation. This lil analogy is the representation of my experiences and the experiences of others who have indulged the fight of the Social Justice Warrior platforming and its promises of righthink and redeemable status. Welcome to the mindset of a precious little snowflake in its original state; I hope you’re ready for the next precious figure of radical entitlement.

I have a He that would like to see himself through this mess and challenge this Womyn as a result of this scorn previously referenced.

He is a challenger, a male diva warrior (a slayer of Gods), completely binary with an enormous peacemaker to skewer your fragile feelings; a real fighter. He’s offended that you, Womyn (and maybe anyone glaring at him), dared to speak your mind and exist in a place that is completely fine just the way as it was before when he got to say everything he wanted in the way he wanted scaring away the other voices with tragic dismay. He is beyond question absolutely wrong and always right. He is frail as he is infinitely powerful by the strength of his own will, and by his right to speak his own mind despite being entirely blind and deaf. Shouting and swinging his arms, he is your champion and protector by choice not by question or assumed reason or call-of-duty; he is simply doing this for himself… and absolutely everyone else he assures you.

This He and this Womyn stomp their feet, smack at each other’s vanity, and point and laugh at the red marks they leave every time they swing while a blue bird, a book full of faces, a red flaring play button, the old penetrating gaze of a business mogul lurking with camera and recorder in the darkness, an Elephant and a Donkey, and a crowd of millions of unaware peoples walking past the brawl unknowingly and sometimes scattering in fear as unexpected foot stomps rattle their pace settle about the open display of passive ferocity.

Could this possibly resemble anything, anyone, or past interactions with subject-matter that is both controversial and toxic? Would see anything here befitting your own encounters or lack of? To witness the display of the Anti and the Pro of a grouping of ideals centered around extremely specific and incredibly over-complicated discussion is in itself a taxing experience. I don’t know how many times I simply sat and went over in my mind the ridiculous impropriety that, in effect, both wasted my time entirely and offered some of the most important of knowledgeable encounters of our societal division.

Who, in effect, is exactly to blame for this utterly reprehensible tantrum hosted by two incoherent fools making a ruckus where it isn’t wanted or needed in delicate and inexplicably confusing times? This so-called ‘scorn’ that has so many, MANY innocent people and guilty people involved for mostly unknown or unspoken reasons?

The answer:  The established pillars of fuel endorsing provisions to sources of origin that enable the toxicity of petty disestablishing societal brawls.

As bad as He is and can be, Womyn is the result of a battered, broken ideology of many subsets of people, history, and unfettered judgement for wrong reasons in the right way; Womyn is out of control because regardless of how little He tends to be unaware of himself, Womyn is self-aware of themselves and denies it. In fact, it was Womyn that challenged He on the same principles that inflamed the justifications of Womyn to form into existence. The main difference: Womyn wants to replace He with a version of self that is a superior beast He never came even close to on his worst of days.

All this done in the name of justice of course… Vendettas of old that are no longer held in the dead, bony fingers of the past for reasoning that is no longer welcomed or accepted in society as we have progressed with understanding and acceptance of differences based on mutual understanding and love…. Only to now fall practically back to where we started at the expense of the unaware victims scattered about in the display of petulant  so-called salvation.

There are many versions, somewhat lesser, of Demi-God status that take fragments of He and Womyn to present a case that seems more reasonable, and only on occasion come to blows. However, the Demi are not an original thought despite hoping to stretch the fragments out well-enough to define a better result even going so far as to take pieces of the opposing He or Womyn Demi to put together a tangled weave of something remotely centralized. This cycle of the Elite and their projected resolutions consist of the same vomit passed down through many, many generations of fights taken up by greater and lesser deities of also long-past.

Whether you side with He, or side with Womyn, or even attempt to find solace in defending Demism and supporting patches of this and that or are even completely unaware of any of this altogether, know that you are involved and are extremely important and necessary for any of this, for any of THEM, to find resolution or greater struggle; the consequence and fall-out of this debacle is counted in bodies… Not opinions.

In conclusion: I ask the reader to remain aware of all things, of all sides, of all relevant data that they can keep to heart and no longer simply remain as a bystander… Be a voice of clarity that calls out the wrongdoing. We’re never going to be a perfect Utopian society, but we can call out wrongdoings and define resolve that attributes to healing, to prosperity, and mutual acceptance of understanding by being selfless and selfish for the right reasons. What are those reasons and those answers to resolving these issues you may ask? In my opinion, I feel that it is best said one way: We are all human, imperfect in every way, but above all else we must recognize that we can always learn and improve by standing with the truth.

That’s what I feel should remain our guiding light through the chaos and disarray: The truth will set things right