The Lion Guard


The official sequel to the Lion King franchise has come in the form of a Disney Junior TV series that will first debut as a movie and continue on in episodic form. The extended clip is below (it didn’t get a trailer for some unknown reason):

Kion is the son of Simba and Nala, and he and his friends take off on quests and discover more about the wild kingdom together. Bunga the honey badger stars in the clip above, and a scuffle takes place when Kion and Bunga accidentally drop a fruit into the Outlands.

Opinion: Not a fan of the art form. The original 1-minute long clip gave us some brief perspective on visuals, but, after seeing more, it’s a bit clunky and abstract when compared to the original Lion King animation. Why the change? Not expecting a lot from the story, dialogue is pretty simple and predictable, and the overall presence this series offers feels more like a mere shadow of the franchise’s legacy.

Not much else to say really; this is definitely intended only for Disney juniors.