The Boy and The Beast: First Impression

From Mamoru Hosoda, the creator behind Wolf Children, comes a new entry to his fantasy-inspired anime: The Boy and The Beast.

Below are two officially subbed English trailers for The Boy and The Beast (it was officially released in japan on July 11, 2015, and we should see it state-wide some time in 2016 according to

Plot Summary

The story takes place with a young, orphan boy named Kyuta who after running away from his relatives, in the spans of his mother’s death, he mysteriously finds himself lost in a world of anthropomorphic beasts. A lonely beast named Kumatetsu encounters Kyuta and takes him in as his human apprentice.

My Impression

The Boy and The Beast, or Bakemono No Ko, is the same age-long story about a bond much like that between a father and his son. There’s a lot of heart in this story, and I also get the impression of fantasy, magical gladiator tones from the visual elements taking place in an arena. I’m really hopeful that this will be the start of new uplifting, Miyazaki-inspiring stories for a new generation of masterpieces. The tone of the movie is very modern, and it takes place in ways I think a lot of modern-day Japanese culture has been heading (Starbucks promo ftw). Kyuta reminds me a lot of Sasuke from the Naruto series if Sasuke had been in Naruto’s shoes, and, ironically, the story itself is based on the quest of achieving greater power and strength in spite of all the odds.

Conclusion: I’m looking forward to it.

For us English viewers, the subbed version isn’t out yet, and if and when it is released officially it will show up here: Bakemono-No-Ko

I look forward to watching it alongside you guys!