Do you feel that this is what I’m doing?

Somebody expressed their feelings about me today:

Oh hey I know this site is widely used and popular because I post information that you actually want to hear, but now I’m bored and want to turn this into a personal blog about my day. I’m keeping the old URL so that I’ll stay high on Google Search Results and maybe keep some of you around through ‘the old bait-and-switch’.

…you know I actually wish that were the only reason (if it even was a reason), but it’s not unfortunately <.<

I have a life, which I know all of you have (even if it isn't good) and in life you have REAL priorities. So much is happening for me…I'm just trying to catch up. Yeah I'd love you guys to just stay and keep up with me and what I'm doing. I've grown up, I used to have time for Mega Man, but now I don't. I've regretted NOT being able to post updates on here for you guys, but I can only do my best. I appreciated you guys stopping by and checking out the latest, but now I'm moving on. And yes I'm keeping the old URL to "stay high on Google Search Results" I mean why not? Should I just start out fresh and crap on my old blog which I've worked so hard on? I was going to put it to rest, but I don't want to give it up, it means a lot to me =D.

I hope you guys stick around, I'm not trying to do the wrong thing, I hope you guys will understand. It’s up to you, it’s always been up to you to keep me around and about, it’s the only way I get viewers.