Mega Man Star Force 3: Mini Update On English Web Site


The official Mega Man Star Force 3 English Web Site (click MMSF 3 once your there and then you can see it) had a veeeery small update, only the background has changed guys.

– – – – – – – – – –

My apologies for the limited updates, only so much info is released nowadays. I’m waiting for Capcom Japan to release any goods on a new Mega Man game. Besides the Mega Man Rush Marine that was just announced for the mobile all the info swarming the internet right now are just rumors. I go for straight facts, with rumors you can just say about anything, I want the truth. I’ll let you guys know when something good is in the making, but until then the best you can do is just be patient. I’ll update more on TMNT news (the new game at E3 right now looks “okay” you can see details for it here and a review HERE).

Well guys that’s it for now, will post more when more info is available =D.

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