Metroid Prime: New Play Control, A Wii Remake



Hey guys guess what? For those who don’t know yet Nintendo has just released in Japan a Metroid Prime (1) remake just for the Wii!! I found an entire review by and some video’s for you guys to check out:

Quoted from February 20, 2009 – While US gamers have yet to experience the first of the series in this territory, the “New Play Control” line of Wii games continues to chug along in Japan. The latest addition is Metroid Prime, an update to 2002’s GameCube game that brings remote and Nunchuk control as well as widescreen support to the design. Japan has already seen Wii versions of Pikmin, Mario Tennis, Donkey Kong : Jungle Beat, and just this week the company shipped the original Metroid Prime to stores.

Over the past two years Wii has brought a lot of people back to the world of Nintendo console gaming, so there’s a generation of players out there that haven’t experienced the start of the Metroid Prime franchise. In fact, there’s probably a bunch of you out there that started the series at its (seeming) finale: Metroid Prime 3. While you have all the power in the world to revisit the previous two games on the Wii using its GameCube backwards-compatibility, after seeing what Retro Studios did for the Wii game it might be tough to return to traditional controls using a GameCube controller.

That’s the point of the New Play Control series. Players who might not have played with GameCube can revisit the start of Samus’ “Prime” adventure, which, in the Metroid canon, takes place after the events of NES game but before Metroid II on Game Boy. And those that have played it in the past can relive the awesomeness on the current Nintendo console but with significant tweaks to the experience…READ FULL ARTICLE

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The only thing that sucks right now is the fact that there has been no English release date announced as of yet =(. I’ll keep checking for more info, but so far this game looks really cool!!

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