Nintendo info: DSi, specs, pics and misc.

Now I know, totally unrelated to Mega Man, but I am now officially going into new area’s for blogging AS well as Mega Man (not letting that go). So you can expect new things here, and I hope you enjoy!

DSi White

DSi Black

Well the DSi right now comes in two colors, Black and White (standard beginning colors) but let’s take a closer look at this cool system, first it’s capabilities:

One thing to note is that the DSi connects to the internet, just like the Wii (totally cool =D)



It also has a closer connection with the Wii which is nice:


The DSi menu works better then last time, much more user friendly:


The DSi size is actually not smaller then the DS Lite, but thinner:


It also comes with Photoshop like capabilities:


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I found a youtube video with a ton info:

Credit’s go to user IGNentertainment for the video =D.

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The following pics are credited to GameSpot:


The DS lite is on the top and the DSi is on the bottom, DSi is bigger lol.


And above you can see that the DSi will have an SD card slot to save pictures and music, sweet lol =D!

Well that’s it for now, will post more when more info is available =D!

Credit’s go to Nintendo of Japan and Gamespot.